About Us

Established in 1975, Poli-Chrome Engineers (moulds) Ltd. were set up to Hard Chrome plate and polish injection and compression mould tools.
Together with Extrusion and Pultrusion dies for the Plastics, UPVc and Rubber Industries.

Starting out in Denton, Manchester, we moved to Stockport in 1982 purchasing a 3000 sq ft factory unit with overhead cranes and a lifting capacity of 3 Tons.

In house design and manufacture of complex anodes allow us to hard chrome plate almost any shape of mould tool or extrusion die.

Dedicated to providing you the customer with a high quality surface finish, our hard chrome plating plant offers facilities for chrome plating components of various shapes and sizes, within the following size range.

Vat 1 - 2150mm x 850mm x 1250mm deep

Vat 2 - 2150mm x 650mm x 1000mm deep

Vat 3 - 2800mm x 700mm x 700mm deep

We also have the facility to chemically remove existing chrome from ferrous and non-ferrous base material on site prior to carrying out any refurbishment required.

Hard Chrome

Hard chrome plating in an electrolytic process utilising a chromic acid-based electrolyte, it is ultra hard: 850 - 1000Hv (65-70Rc) harder than most industrial abrasives and steel counterfaces. It gives superb substrate adhesion greater than 10000psi, it can be applied to a wide variety of substrates including stainless steel, copper, brass and bronzes, it has a bright attractive finish and responds well to grinding and polishing providing ideal surfaces for dealing with delicate products like paper and textiles. It gives ultra high metal to metal sliding wear resistance up to 100 times less wear then given by through-hardened, induction hardened, carburised or nitrided steels in dry sliding situations, and gives excellent slip qualities when applied to mould tools and polished to high gloss finish.


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